Product Name:Strain Wave (harmonic) gear units and component sets
Category:Planetary Gearboxes
Strain Wave (harmonic) gearing is a compact, torque dense type of gear. Other advantages are high positional accuracy, high torsional stiffness, and zero backlash. 
The greatest benefits are the zero-backlash characteristics and the weight and space savings compared to other gears because our gear mechanism consists of only three basic parts. They are the: Wave Generator, Flexspline and Circular Spline. 
This simple three element construction combined with the unique operating principle allows extremely high reduction ratio in a very compact and lightweight package. Neither the size nor weight of the gear vary with the reduction ratio. The high performance attributes of this gearing technology including zero backlash, high torque, compact size, excellent positional accuracy and repeatability are all a direct result of the unique operating principle.

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