Product Name:SSN Soft Starter - LCD screen displays
Category:Soft starters
The SSN motor soft starters are manufacturing under power electronics technologies, microprocessor technologies and modern control theory technologies, it's an up-to-date international advanced starting device. These soft starters can restrict induction AC motor starting voltage effectively during motor start-up period, which can be widely used in fans & pumps, compressors and other heavy load equipments. 
Input voltage,V
Power range, кW
AC380, 660, 1140V
7.5 - 500

Features of Series SSN Soft starter
  • Select customizable parameters through simple programming according load types.
  • Detect motor start-up feedback voltage to achieve closed-loop control, to ensure electric motor start successful in variety load conditions.
  • Programmable delay start and chain control mode.
  • Start/stop time can be changed easily.
  • With various protection functions: over-current, 3 phase current unbalance, overheating, phase lost and motor overload protection.
  • Dynamic fault record function, it's easy to find fault reasons.
  • Character display: LCD screen displays various working parameters, text prompts under programming and fault conditions.
  • Output signal: analog, Remove Keypad
  • Communication: RS485

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Soft starter SSB typical applications
Pumps - the soft-stop function ease water hammer occurs during stop period, saving the system maintenance costs.
Ball mill - the voltage ramp start-up can reduce gear torque wearing and reduce maintenance workload, saving time and costs.
Fans - reduce belt wearing and mechanical shocking, saving maintenance costs.
Compressor - achieve smooth start by limiting current to reduce motor heating and prolong motor service life.
Belt conveyor - achieve smooth and gradual starting process by soft starters to avoid shifting and spillage.
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