Product Name:DC Reactor
This DC reactor is used to reduce the current pulse in the DC circuit so as to ensure the continuous electrical flow when the inductance has reached a certain amount. Besides, it is also adopted to improve the input current waveform distortion caused by the capacitor filtering, reduce and prevent the damage to the rectifier bridge and the overheating of capacitance caused by the impulse current. Moreover, it also possesses the function of increasing the power factor, reducing the AC impulse to the DC busbar and limiting the transient voltage of the power grid.
The DC reactor is characterized by the composite insulating material with excellent performance and high temperature resistance, frameless technology and optional high heat resistance grade, such as F grade and H grade. The argon arc welding technology allows for low noise, small magnetic flux leakage and stable inductance. The foil winding process used in this device possesses the advantages of strong electromagnetism resistance, clean and tidy handicraft and good-looking appearance. The iron core employs the high quality low consumption cold rolled silicon steel sheet as raw material. The equipment is high in reliability, small in volume, light in weight and economical in price.
Technical Parameters
1. Rated operating voltage: 220VAC-1400VAC
2. Dielectric Strength: Core-winding 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10S, no flashover breakdown
3. Insulation resistance: Core-winding1000VDC, insulation resistance value≥100MΩ
4. The noise of reactor is less than 65dB (tested at the point with 1 meter of horizontal distance away from the reactor).
5. Level of protection: IP00-IP22
6. Insulation grade: Above F,H
7. Operating environment temperature: -10~ +45 ℃
8. Maximum current: 1.5 × rated current for 60S
9. Temperature Rise: ≤70k
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