Product Name:Coupling
 Coupling is a core component that transmits power and motion from the driving shaft to the driven part while absorbing misalignment and any possible factors that could reduce efficiency of machines (e.g. vibration, noise, electric current, etc.)

Elastic and rigid mechanical couplings are mechanical transmission elements that join two shafts at their ends to transmit power. We are specialists in a variety of mechanical transmission couplings; from rigid couplings to elastic couplings, also called flexible couplings.

► Power Transmission
The core role of a coupling is to transmit motion (Torque) from “Driving shaft” to “Driven shaft”
► Absorption of Misalignment
Due to such mechanical tolerance, precision grade and proficiency, misalignment occurs between driving and driven parts most of the cases. This misalignment is classified as angular, parallel and end-play way and it brings excessive load onto mechanical parts which is quite sensitive to vibration and noise. NIETZ couplings can absorb this type of misalignment. Please refer to “Dimensions / Performance” pages for more details by each coupling types.
►Absorption of Impact/Vibration/Noise
Sometimes, there is either vibration or impact on the application e.g. motor, reducer or ball screw. If they are passed onto the application directly, the entire application including expensive devices will need repairing. NIETZ Couplings absorb these kinds of external factors in an effective way. Particularly the models with plastic material spacer between hubs perform better in terms of this function.
► Insulation of Heat and Electric current
If a motor is used for a long time, heat and electric current may get occurred. If the heat is also transmitted to the driven part, there is possibility of expansion of connected parts which will reduce the precision of application. NIETZ Couplings can protect the application and keep its performance stable in an effective way through insulating heat and electric current.
► Performance Improvement
With High performance Rubber type, the gain value on the motor could be set higher thanks to superior damping decrease. This feature allows the stabilization time to be reduced and make whole efficiency higher.

* Robot, X-Y Table
* Semiconductor related instruments and laser processor
* NC, MC machine tool and precision measuring instrument
* NC woodworking machinery, medical equipment and OA machine
* Optical instrument, measuring instrument and aspheric grinder
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