Product Name:Temperature Controllers TCR with RS485
Category:Sensor, Meter, Controller & Instrumets
TCR series intelligent digital display temperature controller has self-tuning function and support RS485 communication intelligent large character digital display temperature controller. This series of temperature controller take the single chip microcomputer as the control core, USES the SMT chip technology, the switch power supply, the control parameter self-tuning algorithm, the sensor nonlinear high precision correction, the electromagnetic compatibility design, the system self-inspection and so on advanced technology.


Large size and high brightness LED display.
Modbus RTU RS485 communication
Easy setting parameters, 2 dimension 48x48 and 72x72mm.
The sampling period is shortened to 250ms
Optimized fuzzy PID control, low temperature overshoot, short heating time.
No over-temperature self-setting (AT), high internal operation accuracy. Precise control without overshoot.
Can be widely used in food machinery, baking box, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, textile, chemical fiber, plastic machinery and other industries automation equipment, experimental equipment, refrigeration/heating and other industries temperature control
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