Product Name:ESR Soft Starters-Simple & Compact
Category:Soft starters, Power Controllers
 The ESR Soft Starter provides a cost effective solution for small to medium size motors. It is designed with a simple interface for easy installation, Compact & Easy to Install; Built-in Bypass, motor protection and standard Modbus communication protocol that allows for remote monitoring giving the user a reduction of downtime and improved productivity; ESR series is perfect replacement for ABB, Schneider, Delta, AuCom and etc.

Power Range: 1.1~75kw


Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Rated Main Voltage  200-525VAC 50/60Hz
Control Source Voltage  100~240VAC 24VDC
Rated Main Current  1.5A……150A
Initial voltage  30%70%
 Start Slope  130 Sec
 Stop Slope  030 Sec
Bypass  Built in
Communication  RS-485
Overload  3xIe 7 Sec; Valid for 50 % on time and 50 % off time 
Times of start per hour <5, 5-10 (light load or no-load)
Overload grade  10A 
Operation Environmental temperature  0 to + 50 (32 ºF to 122 ºF)
Store temperature -40 to + 70 (-40 ºF to 158 ºF)
Maximum altitude  1000m3280 ft
Ingress Protection grade  IP21

Build In start/stop switchoption: use the switch to operate motor start / stop directly

Typical Aplications Include:

- Fans
- Compressors

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