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Seria falownik NZS IP65 NIETZ wykorzystuje pompy wodnej
Author:【nietz】     Addtime:【2016-03-07】
Seria falownik NZS IP65 NIETZ  application supplying Water in the device in constant voltage

1 Implementation features
(1) Frepuency conversion pump regular way can control 6 pump at most, one kind of water pump is the main, the others are reserves.
(2) Job pumps and reserve pumps are not extremely firm. When the job pumps have trouble, we can choose the reserve pump as job, just need connect the sensor signal line on the new job pump.
(3) The function of the open and close the pump successively
(4) When people stop water, the system stop
(5) System of sleep and wake, a plurality of pump automatic operation.
(6) Antifreeze
(7) The trouble pump withdraws from the function,when the water pump is damaged, let the trouble pump be deactivated automatically.
(8) Protect function : Enter the liquid location to measure an control, HO, LO

2 Schematic diagram of a circuit 
(1) 1PH  220V input/3PH  220V output
(2) 3PH   380V input /3PH  380V output
(3) Terminal description 
S1~S4 Multi function input terminal
DCM Digital signal public terminals
P24 direct-current 24V(maximum current 100mA)
10V frequency setting using in the power
AI The analog voltage input terminal
ACM analog
MA,MB)output terminal(always open,250VAC/3A)
RA,RB input terminal(always open,250VAC/3A)
SG+,SG- RS485 Communication
3 The actual application case of the Knapsack frequency converter application supplying Water in the device in constant voltage
Model frequency converter: NZS0007T2B ( 0.75 kW, 220V)
Parameter setting:
setting of the job pump
Setting for the job pump №1
Setting for the job pump №2

The control system bring three water pumps with a frequency changer. One of the three is a job pump, if the pressure is low, the Frequency conversion start the second pump, if the press is also low, by now start the third one. When the pressure achieved , the frequency conversion close the pump successively.
Our products have the following characteristics: Waterproof, dustproof, PID inset, constant pressure water supply, it can be used in the poor working conditions, and through the communication between the inverter can realize intelligent open and close the pumps.

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