The function of the DBU braking unit is to divert into a braking resistor the regenerative energy produced in the process of decelerating the motor, converting that energy into heat. Regenerative ener...>>Detail
The wirewound resistor is made by fixing two leading-out terminals on the cylindrical ceramic tube which is coiled by bandlet and wave shape alloy resistance wire. The surface of the ceramic tube is c...>>Detail
The Load Bank Resistors in the BRU series is composed of several wirewound resistors. This Load Bank Resistors is suitable for the dynamic braking circuit of the transducer of high power and strong cu...>>Detail
The Input AC reactor is a current-limiting device mainly used for the input side of the drive so as to protect the exchange drive from the influence of the transient overpressure. It can also reduce t...>>Detail
The output AC reactor is mainly used for the smoothing filtering. By reducing the transient voltage dv/dt, it extends the service-life of the electrical machine. This equipment is also applied to redu...>>Detail
This DC reactor is used to reduce the current pulse in the DC circuit so as to ensure the continuous electrical flow when the inductance has reached a certain amount. Besides, it is also adopted to im...>>Detail
This three-phase input filter is characterized by favorable interference rejection capability. It is mainly used in the data processing system, telecommunication system, transducer and power supply cl...>>Detail
Installed at the output terminal of the transducer, this three-phase output filter has superior interference rejection capability and it can effectively reduce the electromagnetic interference produce...>>Detail
The sine wave filter NIETZ adopting trait reactor, having professional filter capacitor and power resistor, reasonable structure...
The TS4 Series Temperature Controllers - one of the most cost effective temperature controlling solution with PID functions; Dual display 4 Digit, 100ms high speed sampling has both SSR output and rel...>>Detail
The switches are compact, rugged and specifically created to power the industrial control and instrumentation devices and equipment. These switches, with high reliability and quality. They also offer ...>>Detail
The lower design will allow more flexibility in installation of industrial equipment and automobiles and make a contribution to small sized equipment.
The active power filter (APF) is mainly composed of controller, isolation switch (circuit breaker), contactor, IGBT, driving circuit, protection system, fuse, connection reactor, DC capacitor, etc. Th...>>Detail
Intelligent Digital Power Regulator series DSR is using advanced single-chip design, it is the new generation regulator providing control solution for power-conversion application by using SCR to cont...>>Detail
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