Product Name:SSM series medium voltage soft starter
Category:Soft starters
High performance of SSM is ensured by 32bit ARM core micro-controlling technology, high speed optical cable together with dynamic and static protecting measures. Motor torque increased to rate torque as voltage and current rises which is controlled by 32bit ARM core controller through phase shift triggering technology . SSM medium voltage soft starter decreases current flush thus impact to motor and electric network are reduced. Life time of machineries is prolonged and breakdown is lessened for reduced impact.
Maintenance-free: not like other devices which require maintenance for liquid or wear parts, a contactless switch and can operate several years without any maintenance.
Ease installation and operation: SSM is an integrated controlling and protective unit, the only job for customer is to connect it with power supply cable and motor before operation. Low voltage is permitted to apply to the device for electrical test.
Backup function: A vacuum contactor is installed in SSM cabinet and customer may start the motor by switching on the vacuum contactor to prevent system breaks down in case SSM gets in fault.
Thyristor SSM is designed with a magnetic locking device to prevent breaking in after SSM is energized.
The fiber-optic transmission system insured isolation between high voltage thyristor trigger detecting circuit and low voltage control circuit.
Command from the control center is execute by the 32 bits ARM core which ensures reliable and steady real time control with direct displaying.
Dual-language Chinese/English Liquid crystal displaying screen /touch screen for data displaying and humanized interface for operation.
SSM integrated a RS485 port which can communicate with host computer or collective control center.
Comprehensive motor protections provided by micro-processer.
Compact design with unique structure of heatsink, insulation of high voltage elements and low voltage elements which ensures a safe operation. 

daptable motor

Three phase AC squirrel cage asynchronous/synchronous motors

Line voltage, kV



50Hz/60Hz±2 Hz

Phase sequence

Operate at any phase sequence (may set by corresponding parameters)

Amount of SCR

12SCRS, 18SCRS,30SCR (depend on model)

Bypass contactor

Big enough to start directly 

Control voltage


Transient over-voltage protection

Dv/dt absorption mesh 

Starts per hour

Not more than 6 starts per hour 


Operating temperature range: -25~+45

Humidity: 5%~95%(20±5)

Altitude: under 1500 meters (derate Amp rating when above 1500 meters)


Phase missing 

Trips if any phase is missing during starting or running

Over current during running

20~500% Ie

Current difference 


Over load

Grade: 10A, 10, 15,20, 25, 30

Under load


Trip delay 0~250s

Starting over time 

Starting time:0~120s

Over voltage

Trips when line voltage is over 120% of rating

Under voltage

Trips when line voltage is less than 70% of rating

Phase sequence detection

Operate at any phase sequence (may set by corresponding parameters)

Grounding current 

Trips when grounding current is over the setting


Communication protocol 

Modbus RTU

Communication port



Program or monitoring system operation via communication port



LCD screen /touch screen


Chinese /English 

Key board 

6-key Touch key board



Three phase line voltage of main circuit


Three phase current of main circuit 

Data records

Fault records

The latest 15 faults 

Starts records

Total starts of the SSMs



Turbo blowers
Sinter fans
Centrifugal blowers
Blast furnace blowers
Wind-tunnel drive
Gas compressors
Turbo compressors
Screw compressors
Pipeline compressors
Cryogenic compressors
Centrifugal compressors
Reciprocating compressors
High pressure injection pumps
SAG mills
Ball mill systems
SSM is to start and stop as well as protect squirrel cage asynchronous motors and synchronous motors from 3000v to 10000v used in Metals Industries, Petroleum industry, Chemical industry, Irrigation, Electric Utility, light industry, Pharmacy, Mining, municipals and many other industries.
SSM works nicely with all kinds of machineries like water pump, fan, compressor, crasher, blender and belt conveyer, and is an ideal control and protective device for high voltage motor.
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