Product Name:Temperature Controllers Series E600
Category:Sensor, Meter, Controller & Instrumets
E600 series dial-type intelligent digital display is intelligent digital display temperature controllers with self-tuning function. This series of thermostats uses a single-chip microcomputer as the control core and adopts SMT patch technology, switching power supply, control parameter self-tuning algorithm, sensor nonlinear transformation, electromagnetic compatibility design, system self-test and other related technologies.

-  2 Size : 72×72, W48 (W) x 96(H) mm
- Good visibility
- Fewer parameters and simple settings.
- The sampling time is shortened to 250ms.
- Insertion depth: 65mm
- Fuzzy PID control, small temperature overshoot and short heating time.
- No over-temperature auto-tuning (AT), internal operation, and no overshoot.
- Input Thermocouple K, J, E or RTD PT100, CU50
- Output Relay or SSR
- Power supply : 100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz 

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