Product Name:SG200 PLC
Category:HMI, PLC, Controllers
SG200 series Small PLC is suitable for many industry, and satisfy the control requirement of medium and small scale system, cover the relevant auto-inspection, automation control industry and civil field. Products have a perfect performance, rich instruction-set, good expansion and high cost-efficient. 
SG200 Series are new generation high performance PLC, strong communication and motion control function, high speed execution instruction and can customize special controllers according to different requirements, It uses 200 series expansion modules and accessories. 
Advantage of SG200 series
● High speed execution instruction and data processing. Support Unique AES lterative encryption algorithm, which protects clients’ intellectual property. 
● Local integrated Digital 14~24DI,10~16DO, part of integrated Analog 2AI/1AO. 
● Program memory 20~24kb, data memory 10kb. Support battery card and memory card. Max. Expanding 7 I/O modules
● Local supports 6 channels single-phase 30KHz 4 channels AB phase 20KHz counter, part of support 200KHz single-phase and 100KHz AB phase counter. 
● Communication ports: 2 RS485, support free port PPI master slave MPI slave MODBUS-RTU master slave communication. Baud rate can be 187.5kbps Support Siemens MODBUS-RTU library
● Support PID adjust control panel, more optimized PID self-tuning control ALG let the user get PID parameter quickly, MAX. 32 channels PID control loop
● Support 2 channels 30KHz high-speed pulse output. Support original Siemens PLS instruction and motion
control MAP library. ( for Transistor output)
● Apply FLASH’s long-time data-holding on power-off, no need of power supply
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