Product Name:Stepper Motors
Category:Stepper, AC, BLDC Motors&Drives
Stepper motors are motion systems allowing to have a high positioning precision.With their high power already at low speed, their stall torque and the possibility to divide the steps in microsteps, stepper motors can provide direct and precise motions in a small volume.Permanent magnet and hybrid technologies are used to provide a full range of solutions.The absence of mechanical commutation gives to these motors a long life time which is usually given by the sleeves according to the load applied on the shaft. 

NIETZ has a wide selection of step motors with a range of: sizes, phases and step angles. Each of these have unique advantages and characteristics, in order to meets the demands of different applications.
Wide range of output power (0.3Ncm up to 30Nm), Flange: 20 up to 110mm, optimized for use with microstep power stages; Stepping angle 1.8°, very high torque by rare-earth magnets, optimised size - torque ration. 
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