Product Name:ATC Spindle Motors
Category:Servo & Spindle Motors
ATC Air Cooled Spindle Automatic Tool Change spindle ISO30 380V for CNC Router, power range: 6kw, 9kw, 12kw

 Air-cooled automatic tool change spindle is designed and developed for a high-end woodworking company and it has a long working life. The electric spindle fan cooling with Road gas seal structure, automatic tool changer with ISO30 shank, fast automatic tool change and improve the efficiency of the automated processing.

 Air-cooled automatic tool change spindle 6.0 ~ 12 kW, Long Nose

Model  GDL60-24Z/6L  GDL70-24Z/9L  GDL70-24Z/12L
Power,kW  6  9 12
Pole  4  4 4
Speed  24000 rpm 12000-24000RPM 24000rpm
Voltage,V  380V/220 V  380/220 V 380 V
Current 12.5A/21.5 A  20/32A 20A
Frequency  800 Hz  400-800HZ 800Hz
Tool Holder  ISO30 cone ISO30 cone HSK63F 
Cooling  Air Cooling  Air Cooling  Air Cooling
Lubrication  Grease  Grease  Grease
Bearing  2*7008C/P4,2*7006C/P4  2*7008C/P4,2*7006C/P4 2*7009C/P42*7006C/P4
Weight  19kg  31Kg 31kg

 Air-cooled automatic tool change spindle 9.0 kW, Short Nose

Model  GDL70-24Z/9S
Power,kW  9 kW
Pole  4
Speed  12000-24000 rpm
Voltage,V  380/220V
Current  18.2/31.6A
Frequency  200-400HZ
Tool Holder  ISO30 cone
Cooling  Air Cooling
 Lubrication  Grease
 Bearing  2*7008C/P4,2*7006X/P4
Weight  26kg
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