Product Name:AT10 AC Servo variateur for Electro Hydraulic Control System
Category:Servo variateur
Le servosystème électro-hydraulique AT10 est développé par NIETZ sur la base d'études intensives sur le flux de processus de la machine d'injection. Il dispose d'un contrôle vectoriel haute performance pour réaliser un rendement élevé et un objectif d'économie d'énergie ; L'ultra stabilité et la durabilité des performances environnementales permettent d'obtenir la combinaison parfaite de la machine et de l'environnement, prise en charge CAN, communication Modbus, large plage de puissance, max jusqu'à 450 kW…

 AT10 series Ac synchronous servo drives for Electro Hydraulic Control System

◆ Built-in CAN communication, RS485 communication function
◆ Support single, double and multiple electro hydraulic pump system
◆ Support a variety of signal reference modes
◆ Make the electro hydraulic system more energy-saving

Benefits & Features

Electro-hydraulic servo system combined both electrical and hydraulic characteristics can accurately follow thecommand changes to adjust the output. With high precision, fast response, big output power, flexible signalprocessing, easy to control, etc., it is widely used in various industries.  

Voltage Class: 380V, three phase, 7.5KW - 110KW

AT10 Ac synchronous servo drives features

◆ Built-in brake unit
◆ Built-in CAN communication, RS485 communication function
◆ Strong overload capacity: 150% rated current 60s, 180% rated current 5s
◆ Various protection functions such as phase loss, short circuit, overheating detection and etc.
◆ Air cooling, liquid cooling way, suitable for different environments.
◆ High-performance servo control: vector control + field weakening control + PID control
◆ Support 0-10V DC / 4-20mA direct analog signal input
◆ Fast and safe isolated terminal wiring
◆ Start torque: 0Hz 180%; Steady speed accuracy: ± 0.02%; Torque control accuracy: ± 5%
◆ Support a variety of signal reference modes (analog, CAN communication, 485 communication, internalinstructions, terminal instructions)



Maximum frequency


Carrier frequency

1KHz ~ 12KHz can automatically adjust the carrier frequency according to the load characteristics.

Input frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz; Simulation setting: up to x 0.025%

Control mode

Closed loop vector control (FVC)

V/F control

Startup torque

G type machine: 0Hz/180%

Speed range

1: 1000(FVC)

Steady speed accuracy


Torque control accuracy


Overload capability

G type machine: 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 3s

Acceleration and deceleration curves

Linear acceleration and deceleration. Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time, plus or minus time range 0.0~6500.0s

Fast current limiting function

Minimize overcurrent faults, Protect the drive from normal operation.

Multi-encoder support

Supports encoders such as differential, open collector, and resolver

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Répondez aux exigences de la petite machine d'injection verticale, de la machine d'injection, de la machine de moulage sous pression, de la machine hydraulique, de l'extrudeuse d'aluminium, de la cisaille et de la cintreuse de plaques.
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